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Ananga Bahirava Kolam Mask

Ananga Bahirava Kolam Mask

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(SKU: LS21100656) On the head of the ananga bahirawa mask (cupid) mask is the handsome face of a prince and on either side are faces of women.The following are several verses describing the ananga (cupid):- with two maidens – with pictures of a god in the centre knowing well the art of dance – the cupid bahirava God comes

In the attractiv ie face of cupid – are two divine nymphs on the other side the eyes are beautiful – the name cupid bahirava was createda a divine nymph all dressed up has come and waitson cupid head are two snakes dancing and gracefully waving his hand the cupid God comes forward like the moon at full ananga Bahirava Mask (mask of cupid) is belongs to the Mirissa Udupila United Artistes group. The verses describing the mask have to be used to guide the making of these masks

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