Thambadola Ella (Polgampola Ella) Falls

Thambadola Ella Falls Thambadola Ella Falls Thambadola Ella Falls

Local villagers assert that this 3m-high Thambadola Ella fall in the Kalutara District is under threat and already its aquifers have been depleted as a direct result of logging. The loggers actually use the water as a means of transportation, floating the tree trunks down the fall. This activity, combined with tea plantations and slash and burn cultivation, is a serious threat to the aquatic ecosystem. A vast array of naturally occurring plants, as well as indigenous fish and birds, live in and around the fall. It is therefore of paramount importance that environmental safeguards are introduced before the damage is irreversible.

Take the road from Matugama to Agalawatte via Kitulgoda. At Polgampala, take the Kuruwita road eastwards for 0.5km to find the fall.

Travel to Polgampola Junction either through Agalawatta – Bellana or through Matugama E- Horawala. From here travel approx 1.5km on Kurupita road to take the first by-road on the right hand side which will lead towards Thambadola falls. After traveling about 2km, you will reach the end of the road where you will find a well maintained foot path towards the Thambadola ella. This place is well known by locals and even foreigners.

Thambadola Ella Falls Thambadola Ella Falls Thambadola Ella Falls

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