Pahanthudawa Waterfall

Introduction to Pahanthuda Waterfall

Pahanthuda Waterfall is situated about 1.5 km away from Belihuloya in the Ratnapura district. It is 5 meters high. The fall gets its name due to its base pool in the shape of a “pahana”, a clay lamp used in Buddhist temples and the fall resembling the wick of the lamp.

Hike to Pahanthuda Waterfall

Pahanthuda Waterfall is a branch of the Belihuloya Reservoir. It is popular for its mystique beauty and serene natural environment. The hike to Pahanthuda Waterfall goes through a jungle which makes it an interesting adventure for ardent hikers. The waterfall powers a mini hydro power plant which supplies water for locals in the surrounding area.

Getting to Pahanthuda Waterfall