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Passion fruit

Passion fruit has a unique and remarkable taste. When ripe you can use it to make a wonderful juice by mixing it with water and a bit of sugar. In Sri Lanka is also used to make Faluda, a refreshing beverage served with an ice cream scoop. Passion fruit is rich in vitamin C and Vitamin B as well as iron and phosphorus.


Another one of the Sri Lanka exotic fruits is the mango. It is one of the most favored Sri Lanka tropical fruits. The season starts from May and extends to August. The inside part of the fruit is a delicious yellow color, and the fruit is tasty as it looks. The most popular variety of these Sri Lanka exotic fruits is the Karuthakolamban, which is a quite large fruit with a comparatively sweeter taste. It is also called the Jaffna mango and you can find the tastiest fruits from this part of the island.


Durian is either loved or hated. This fruit is characterized by a very strong odor which not everyone likes for this reason rarely you will be able to find it in a hotel or restaurant menu. In some countries like Singapore, you will easily see boards showing “no durian” in public transportation places because of the smell. If you never tried it and you are adventurous with food as well, it might be worth giving it a try.


This is another fruit that is not very popular although is commonly used to make a refreshing juice. The pulp is thick and it can be either very sweet or slightly sour. The peel is quite hard and releases a scent of citrus when cracked. This fruit is typical of southern-Asia countries.


Rambutan is one of the exotic fruits in Sri Lanka that everyone should try. It is a fruit found exclusively in the tropics, in a few select countries only. Although nowadays these are available canned in European and US markets, the taste difference between the fresh fruit and the canned product is really remarkable You can recognize these Sri Lanka fruits as crimson red hairy balls that you can cover with your hands. The flesh covering the seed is the edible part; it has a mild taste that is neither too sweet nor too sour. Rambutan is a non-climacteric fruit, which means it will only ripen on the tree.


Pineapple may be the first fruit that comes to your head when you think about the tropics; it is also one of the tropical fruits in Sri Lanka. This fruit is in season from May to June. You may already know the appearance and taste of this fruit; it is a fibrous fruit with a sour taste mixed with sweet. The varieties of these Sri Lanka fruits include Cayenne, Singapore.


Banana is the best fruit for the heart. Funny fact is that the fruit itself grows from a flower called the “banana heart”. It is very rich in potassium. This fruit is common in Sri Lanka and comes in the different variant. Almost 20 types of bananas are available in Sri Lanka. In western countries it is possible to buy Bananas mostly imported from south-american countries which are usually big. Sri Lankan bananas on the contrary are smaller but more sweet than the bigger types.


Mangosteen is one of the most sought after “health fruits” in Sri Lanka. This fruit is well known to prevent many of the world’s dreaded diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart diseases and more thanks to its high concentration of essential vitamins and minerals that will help your body to keep at its optimum health condition.


Avocado is an all-time favorite food for almost everyone not only in Sri Lanka but all over the world. Aside from being a tasty treat, it is also proven to lower cholesterol and triglycerides levels so it is a good food for people suffering from hypertension and heart problems. In Sri Lanka is also commonly called “Butter fruit”.


Papaya is a common favorite food and is almost always present in desserts when it comes to fruit selection. It is rich in fiber and is commonly known to aid in digestion. The most common variant of papaya in Sri Lanka is Red Lady. It tastes and smells very sweet. Perfect for everyone with or without a sweet tooth


Jackfruit has that distinct sweet smell. The trees are very large with large leaves as well. The fruits are also tree-borne. Jackfruit fruits can grow as large as a baby bath tub. Aside from eating the sweet “meat” of the fruit, you can also roast the seeds for snacks. Serve it with honey and you’ll have a delectable dish.


Guava is another common tree that can be found in Sri Lanka. It has a very sweet taste and has a distinct smell less subtle than a lemon grind. Depending on the variation the mature fruit can grow as small as a ping pong ball to something like the size of a baseball. Apple guava is the variant which is often used for a commercial market.


Pomegranate is another “miracle health fruit” that is also available in Sri Lanka. It’s health benefits are undeniably amazing that it can help to prevent the most dreaded diseases like cancer, diabetes, hypertension and kidney problems. There are many reasons to love pomegranate and the delicious taste is just one of them.


Soursop is an all-time favorite fruit and is very sweet. It can weigh as much as 10 pounds. The fruit has rough skin but is very soft inside. It smells very good so it’s a favorite milkshake during summer seasons. The tree grows widespread in Sri Lanka and is a popular favorite fruit among households.

Sugar Apple

This fruit is another crowd favorite. It looks tough with its thick and rough skin but very tasty and soft inside. It has a sweet and fascinating aroma that is loved by everyone. The flesh is often creamy white to yellow and is often juicy; Because of its delicious taste, you will ignore a large number of seeds (around 20-40 per fruit) and just enjoy the sweet fruit in your mouth.


The Jambu or “wax fruit” is also known in Sri Lanka for its delicious mild taste and crisp texture. It has a distinct taste like an apple but a little milder and with a hint of rosewater. These fruits are popular during summer. The trees also bear fruit as early as one to two years. Jambu fruits are most commonly used as a garnish to other meals but are also delicious if you would eat it alone.


When you think of like Sri Lanka, the first tree that might pop into your head might be the coconut Tree. It is common regarded as the “tree of life” because of its many uses from roots to leaves in the common Sri Lanka society. Trees are the good source of coco lumber and the fruit is very delicious as well. Coconut water is very refreshing and nourishing and the pulp is very delicious for a quick snack. During your travel you will be able to try it at any fruit shop or roadside little stalls.

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