Geragama Tea Factory

Geragama Tea Factory Geragama Tea Factory Geragama Tea Factory

Sri Lanka and its tea plantations go hand in hand. In the central province of Sri Lanka stands Giragama Tea Plantation, a quaint village known for tea cultivation. Giragama was one of the first few plantations near Kandy, the heart of Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka is one of the highest producers of tea in the world and this tea estate allows a tour inside where tourists can see how tea is processed with machines. Furthermore they can also purchase tea at the very same place.

The estate spreads across many hectares; when you stand on one end, it appears as if Giragama Tea Plantation knows no bounds. They have estates that are open to tourists for walks; tea manufacturing units that showcase the entire process from how to pluck tea leaves, cleaning and further processing into the finished product; and in-house shops that sell freshly packaged tea in different variants.  

Geragama Tea Factory Geragama Tea Factory Geragama Tea Factory

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