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About Elkaduwa

Elkaduwa is a beautiful village in Sri Lanka. It is located within Matale District, Central Province.There are two roads to reach Elkaduwa. One is from Ukuwela (Matale), the other one is from Wattegama (Kandy).

Attractions in Elkaduwa

Sembuwatta Lake
Sembuwatta Lake is a tourist attraction situated at Elkaduwa in the Matale District of Sri Lanka, adjacent to the Campbell's Lane Forest Reserve. Sembuwatta Lake is a man-made lake created from natural spring water. Alongside the lake is a natural swimming pool.

Hunnas waterfall
Hunnas waterfall, also known as Hunnasgiriya falls, is located about 22 kilometres (14 mi) from Kandy, Sri Lanka. It is located in Matale District near the village of Elkaduwa. There are two roads to reach Hunnas waterfall, one is coming from Matale to Elkaduwa, the other is Wattegama (Kandy) to Elkaduwa.

This waterfall is 48 metres (157 ft) high and at a height of 1,765 metres (5,791 ft) above sea level. It is a man-made waterfall, which is located in the landscaped garden of the Hunnasgiriya Hotel. It is fed by a stream from the nearby Hunnasgeria mountain peak. Apart from the main fall several streams can be seen during rainy seasons.

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