Coral Sanctuary

Coral Sanctuary Coral Sanctuary Coral Sanctuary

Hikkaduwa Coral Sanctuary is spread out a couple of hundred meters offshore from Hikkaduwa shore. The Coral sanctuary is one of the most popular and respected coral reef destinations in the Country visited by tourists from all over the world for varied reasons.The Coral sanctuary has approximately seventy varieties of multi coloured corals. Visitors can either swim or hire a guide with a glass bottomed boats to view the corals.

The coral reefs are the best place to see and admire corals and water is never more than three or four meters deep. Some of the coral reefs are real close to the beach and can hire snorkels, masks and fins and ventured into the calm crystal clear waters of the Indian Ocean to be amazed with the wonderful & colourful corals and tropical fish with various colours and sizes, few inches below the surface.

Visitors can thoroughly enjoy the beach everyday as Hikkaduwa beach has plenty of beachfront accommodation. Hikkaduwa beach is also reputed as the second best surfing spot in Sri Lanka by the international board-riding set.

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