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Ambalantota Ambalantota Ambalantota

Ambalantota is a coastal town in southern Sri Lanka. It is located in Southern Province in Hambantota District between Matara and Hambantota. The Valave River meets the sea near Ambalantota. The Ambalantota is famous for its ancient ruins of the Kingdom of Ruhuna. After his many conquests abroad King Gajaba returned to the country from the port of Godavaya that is within sight of Ambalantota.

Ambalantota played an important role in past Sri Lanka as the major city of the Kingdom of Ruhuna. It was called 'Manaulu Pura'. The great king Vijayaba, the great warrior Therapuththabhaya, Divisional king Mahanagha made Ambalantota flourish and Ridiyagama was the commercial hub in those days.

About Hambantota District

Hambantota is a rural town in south eastern coastal area of Sri Lanka. It is also the capital of the Hambantota District in the Southern Province of Sri Lanka. Approximately 240 kms from Colombo,Hambantota is in the midst of transformation into a strategic port and commercial centre, undergoing extensive infrastructure development. Flanked by sweeping sandy beaches,Hambantota is a convenient location from which to visit nearby sights.

The Bundala National Park lays 20 km east of Hambantota and the Weerawila Sanctuary a little further off. The Ruhuna National Park and theKataragama Temple are other attractions that can be accessed easily from this city.

Ambalantota Ambalantota Ambalantota

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