Airplane Charters

Experience the breathtaking beauty of Sri Lanka, from the air without the inconvenience of travelling by car! Lakpura Travels gives you the best in air transport, with unparalleled luxury and comfort.

Involved in the business of Airplane Charter Services in Sri Lanka for more that 8 years, Lakpura Travels has the know-how and the resources to get your Airplane Charter Services done right, always!

A variety of clients have used our Sri Lankan Helicopter Charter services for numerous many reasons.

Aerial Photography and Motion Picture Photography

Capture breathtaking visuals and beautiful images with an unpresented view of the landscape below using our low flying Airplanes. Beautiful Coastal beaches and fascinating world heritage sites including the Galle Fort on the South and ancient ruins in Sigiriya, Dambulla and Ritgala, it’s all here awaiting you. Lakpura Travels gives you the opportunity to Charter an Airplane and witness what could only be seen from the heavens!

Corporate travel

Travel in style! Avoid delays and traffic jams while increasing your productivity. Using an Airplane for your business travel opens up new business opportunities and helps you to provide the best services for your top clients. Talk about first impressions!
A chartered Airplane service is the ideal solution for the high end business traveler who wants to travel in comfort. If your plan is to fly like a king, an Airplane is the ideal machine for your need.

Learning how to fly

Want to get your own pair of wings but you don’t know how? Have no fear, learning to fly is easy! All you need is your high school qualification and a pass in the Aptitude Test held by the Civil Aviation Authority, then your good to go.


Aerial displays leave an unforgettable mark on any consumer. It is also the largest format advertising space on the market. Airplanes are one of the best aerial vehicles to do some awesome advertising.

Airplane Charter Services in Sri Lanka gives you the opportunity to make a big impression on your customers and take your brand name to new ‘heights’!

Fts takes pride in prividing curatrd domestic charter flight for our passengers to get from one destination to another in a matter of minutes.

We ensure a blend of conveniece, flexibility, comfort and personalized services, making them apopular choice for travelers seeking efficient and tailored travel experiences within the country.


  • Air conditioned cabins
  • Executive leather seats
  • Individual reading lights
  • Separate luggage storage area
  • Higher cruise speed
  • Brand New(YOM August 2018)

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