Collection: Surfing from Mirissa

A small town in the South coast of Sri Lanka, Mirissa is found approximately 150 km away from Colombo. The beautiful beach, its hip nightlife, and a popular destination for dolphin and whale watching, Mirissa is a popular tourist destination. If you are a beach lover, there are two or three breaks with a challenging reef where you can enjoy some surfing as well. There is a bit of variety here and there making it perfect for you to have an exciting beach holiday. Since the nightlife is happening, you can holiday, party and surf in one location when you book through Lakpura. While the more advance and intermediaries can surf at Mirissa while if you are a beginner, you can head up to Weligama Bay which is less than 8 km away. Speak to Lakpura today and get your package sorted and enjoy that much needed beach and surf vacation.

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