Collection: Shore Excursions from Colombo Seaport

Colombo serves as a cosmopolitan and gateway to the wonders of Sri Lanka. This city is a melting pot lined up by lights from stunning hotels, old-fashion red-tiled buildings, ancient churches, and mosques. Moreover, its rich culture also revealed in bustling local markets full of colorful spices, priceless silks, and fresh tropical fruits. Immerse yourself in the peaceful scenery, Colombo shore excursions let you explore the highlights of the city.

Starting by an exhilarating tuk-tuk ride to various iconic attractions such as Fort Station, Red Mosque, Khan clock tower, Pettah Bazaar, and so on. Then, feast on the hustle beaches, enjoy whale-watching tours, tea plantations, and elephant safaris. At the first sight of your Colombo shore excursions, you can witness the sight of many tuk-tuks go around modern skyscrapers. After that, explore little by little old colonial architecture-style structures, energetic street markets, and Buddhist temples.

Lakpura Shore Excursions delivers a collection of Colombo shore excursions to Sri Lanka. Each shore excursion has its own highlights enriched with cultural and historical values. Take a look at our ready-made itineraries for Colombo day tours from Colombo cruise port, Sri Lanka. If you want to customize a unique Colombo shore excursion, feel free to contact us and let our experts do their works.
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