Collection: Culinary Tours

Calling all foodies! Sri Lanka is known for its exotic flavours and spices around the world and we are pleased to have a tour especially dedicated to savour the fine local cuisine that has won many hearts. Highly sought after by world renowned chefs and food connoisseurs our little gem of an island is filled with all things spicy and sweet.

Known for our rice and curries, our cuisine is regional while has been shaped through the years by many cultural, historical and other factors. Being a tropical island rich in vegetation, we are blessed with many water bodies that nourish our lands which in return provides us with food in abundance. Seafood is available at all times due to the endless coastline that we are surrounded with.

We are happy to guide you through the spicy and smoky flavours of traditional village cooking. Just watching them cook over a wooden stove with many aromatic flavours will make your mouth water. You can even enjoy home cooked meals served on ‘banana’ or ‘kanda’ leaves which are placed on hand woven trays. Travellers are able to visit many spice gardens and learn about the different spices that are available in Sri Lanka. You can even join a private cooking class and learn from professional chefs some of the secrets of pure Sri Lankan cuisine. Visiting a tea factory and enjoying freshly brewed Ceylon tea is a not to miss. Our guides will introduce you to Sri Lankan street food where you can try out some kottu, achcharu(pickled fruit) and even hoppers.