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Archery is considered as one of the oldest sports while it can be immense fun for both kids and adults alike. The skill level an patience that you require to equip yourself with a bow and arrow and shoot at a given target is noteworthy. Archery is a competitive sport as well as a recreational activity while the Colombo Archery Centre was set up to promote the sport in Sri Lanka. Coaching at the centre is carried out by an internationally certified team of expert coaches. The Colombo Archery Centre also has many listed ranges that offer archery enthusiasts the opportunity to enjoy the sport. The Colombo Archery Centre is a World Archery Partner Centre which makes it an accredited venue that delivers and coaches with a high level of performance and development. Archery classes in Colombo are conducted in groups foe beginners, intermediate, advanced and elite levels while you can also request for individual classes. A friendly and safe environment is provided at all times.

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