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Vesak Lanterns (Atapattam Koodu) Plastic 15cm X 15cm

Vesak Lanterns (Atapattam Koodu) Plastic 15cm X 15cm

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(SKU: LS202B3226) Any Vesak day in Sri Lanka is never complete without a “Vesak Lantern” (Ata-pattama). This is the common symbol for Vesak in Sri Lanka. The octagon-shaped, and covered with plain-colour paper (though it is now coloured in all the colours under the sun to make it stand out from the competition) – ornament is a symbol for one of the National Holidays in Sri Lanka. And let us see what the Vesak Lantern has in store, giving out major Buddhist teachings and sharing a way of life.

Highlights: Made of Plastic, Easy to Fix, High Quality, Reusable, Brand New

Includes: Structure, Required Papers and Instruction Manual on How to make a vesak lantern?

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