Thiriyaya Girihandu Seya

Thiriyaya Girihandu Seya Thiriyaya Girihandu Seya Thiriyaya Girihandu Seya

Girihandu Seya is an ancient Buddhist temple situated in Thiriyai, Trincomalee, Sri Lanka. The temple is supposed to be the first Buddhist Stupa in Sri Lanka, believed to be constructed by two seafaring merchants Trapusa and Bahalika. The names of the two merchants are recorded in a rock inscription found in the Vihara premises. According to the inscription, Girihandu Seya was built by the guilds of merchants named Trapassuka and Vallika where the names are written as Tapassu and Bhalluka in later Sinhala chronicles. Some scholars also hold the view that Mahayana influenced seafaring merchants from the Pallava Kingdom were responsible for the construction of this temple.

The Stupa in the Vihara is highly venerated by the people, as it is believed to contain the hair relics of Buddha. The temple has been formally recognised by the Government as an archaeological site in Sri Lanka.

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