Police Kolama (Police comedy)

Police Kolama Police Kolama Police Kolama

After the wearing of the masks the first performance is the police kolama (police comedy), the characteristics of this personage is described in a poem

“Dressed in black dress

Red hat on the head

Batons tied to the body

The police soldier comes to the assembly”


To identify the Police Sergeant a number is attached to the hat in the mask. This is the reminder of the time when the country was ruled during the time of the Imperial Raj.

Some people identify the Police kolama (comedy) as a kolama (comedy) recently introduced to the kolam performances. With various differences endemic to various traditional dances troupes, these masks are popular among troupes.

Police officers with loyalties to the government, displaying false bravery are shown in the kolam performances and subject to ridicule in both performance and diologue, thereby arousing amusement. The mask itself does not arouse amusement, but the mask depicts the grandeur and nobility of the police officers, and they are created to show these qualities.

Police Kolama Police Kolama Police Kolama

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