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About Monaragala

Monaragala is a town located in Monaragala District, Uva Province, Sri Lanka. It is the largest town in Monaragala District and is located 57.3 km (35.6 mi) southeast of Badulla, the capital city of Uva Province. Monaragala is situated about 151 m (495 ft) above sea level on the Colombo-Batticaloa main road.

Attraction in Moneragala

Maligawila Buddha Statue

The Maligawila Buddha statue is a standing figure of the Buddha in Sri Lanka, which has been carved out of a large limestone rock during the 7th century by a prince named Aggabodhi. It is the tallest free-standing ancient statue of the Buddha found in the country. It had been broken into several pieces by the time it was found in 1951.

Buduruwagala Buddha Statue

Buduruwagala is an ancient buddhist temple in Sri Lanka. The complex consists of seven statues and belongs to the Mahayana school of thought. The statues date back to the 10th century. The gigantic Buddha statue still bears traces of its original stuccoed robe and a long streak of orange suggests it was once brightly painted. The central of the three figures to the Buddha's right is thought to be the Buddhist mythological figure-the Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara. To the left of this white painted figure is a female figure in the thrice-bent posture, which is thought to be his consort-Tara. Buduruvagala means "the rock of Buddhist Sculptures". The name Buduruwagala is derived from the words for Buddha (Budu), images (ruva) and stone (gala). Most visitors, especially Buddhists, who attend the temple will make sure to visit Buduruvagala.

About Moneragala District

Moneragala is a district in Uva Province, Sri Lanka. Gal oya National Park,Yala National Park and Muthukandiya Reservoirs, Menik Ganga,Gal oya, Heda oya, Wila oya, Kumbukkan Oya are situated in Monaragala distict.

About Uva Province

The Uva Province is Sri Lanka's second least populated province, with 1,187,335 people, created in 1896. It consists of two districts called Badulla and Moneragala The provincial capital is Badulla. Uva is bordered by Eastern, Southern and Central provinces. Its major tourist attractions are Dunhinda Falls, Diyaluma Falls, Rawana Falls, the Yala National Park (lying partly in the Southern and Eastern Provinces) and Gal Oya National Park (lying partly in the Eastern Province). The Gal Oya hills and the Central Mountains are the main uplands, while the Mahaweli and Menik rivers and the huge Senanayake Samudraya and Maduru Oya Reservoirs are the major waterways in Uva province.

Moneragala Moneragala Moneragala

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