Mimusops elengi

Mimusops elengi Mimusops elengi Mimusops elengi

Mimusops elengi is a medium-sized evergreen tree found in tropical forests in South Asia, Southeast Asia and northern Australia. English common names include Spanish cherry, medlar, and bullet wood. In Sri Lanka Call as Moonamal. Its timber is valuable, the fruit is edible, and it is used in traditional medicine. As the trees give thick shade and flowers emit fragrance, it is a prized collection of gardens.

Moonamal is an evergreen tree reaching a height of about 16 m (52 ft). It flowers in April, and fruiting occurs between June and October. The leaves are glossy, dark green, oval-shaped, 5–14 cm (2.0–5.5 in) long, and 2.5–6 cm (0.98–2.36 in) wide. The flowers are cream, hairy, and scented. The fruits are fleshy, range in color between yellow and brown, and contain a large brown seed. The pulp has a yellow color and it is edible. The bark of the tree is thick and appears dark brownish black or grayish black in colour, with striations and a few cracks on the surface. The tree may reach up to a height of 9–18 m (30–59 ft) with about 1 m (3 ft 3 in) in circumference.

In local medicine, the bark, seeds, and fruits of the Moonamal plant are considered as effective medicines for oral diseases such as toothache, chapped lips, etc. The book of Moonamal is added approximately to a medicinal condition produced for medicinal dental diseases. Bark, roots, flowers, nuts and seeds of Moonamal medicine are used for various diseases such as heart diseases, urinary inflammation, bleeding with urine, cough, dysentery, women's diseases, worm diseases, brain disorders, body burns etc. Moonamal is appetizing, antiseptic, tooth strengthening and anthelmintic.

Moonamal kashaya is given to drink for bleeding with urine. Moonamal fruit eating yoga for blood dysentery and excessive body heat. For urinary inflammation, 10 or 12 mulberry fruits should be given in food and a handful of fruit should be given in boiled water. Weakness of the teeth, shaking of the teeth. For dry cough in babies, 5 or 6 munamal flowers in ml of water. It should be kept overnight for 5 hours and then squeezed before drinking. Use of Moonamal bone powder as a dental component, supply of Moonamal bark, root bark decoction and drinking it in the morning in the cow milk market is the treatment for premature teething.

Mimusops elengi is part of the catalog of ayurvedic medicinal plants of Sri Lanka.

Mimusops elengi Mimusops elengi Mimusops elengi

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