LK Domain Registration

Before you decide to locate a web hosting provider or prior to deciding to have a site, it is necessary to join up new website name so it is usually reserved through your name. When you are completed to register a new domain name, you can then get yourself a Service provider. Web site hosting are what you need so you’re able to develop the needed space on the net. Once you have your website and sponsor services in place, after that you can put in place your blog.

It is important to register the new website address that is unique and original. You should seek advice from Lakpura Solutions (Pvt) Ltd, whether your website address of curiosity remains free. If somebody already owns the name you have in mind, then you need to consider another one. It may be helpful to imagine a domain name that is memorizeble easily so get an unique and short url of your website. The grounds behind the reason being you desire online users to only remember your website name so they can easily search and access you on the online world.

In today’s world activities the web is the busiest place we know, now there are millions of websites available online, competing to catch the users’ attention. Apart from the common marketing and search engine optimization techniques, one of the key weapons website owners use in ‘fighting for their visitors’ attention is the name of their website, that is their domain. You can choose Lakpura Solutions (Pvt) Ltd as registrar.

Categories of .lk domain names

There are numerous things that you must think about before starting any online business, or your Company web site. Not only the quality of your website is going to be the fundamental factor to success. The domain name is one of the fundamental factors that will impact on your success of getting good ranking with the search engines. That is why the first thing that you need to do is to find good domain name. Domain names can be purchased from many sources but the best domain registrar you can find online is Lakpura Solutions (Pvt) Ltd. We are there to help you find a good .lk domain as we are well specialized in the .lk domain business.

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Registration policy at a glance

The types of Domains registered by Lakpura are as follows:

Top Level Domains
Closed Second Level Domains
Open Second Level Domains

Top Level Domains

There is a policy for registering of domain names which applies to register .lk Domains.

These domain names available according to the first come first serve basis. Domain should not specify a country or a government. Top Level Domains such as has been allocated to the Government of Sri Lanka. Currently all domains are managed under Domain Convention Policy of ICTA [link to icta – no follow].

Closed Second Level Domains

Some second level domains are allowed to use by certain kind of users only. The restricted domains are as following.,, and only allocated to the Government of Sri Lanka. Government Departments and Government Organizations are permitted to register under this category.

Open Second Level Domains

The open second level domains which are available for registration under the .lk domain is as follows: – recommended for commercial organizations – recommended for non-profit organizations – recommended for educational organizations

Progress of LK domain registration

Your domain name is basically the name for your website and it is what people will type in to get to your website. It is important to choose a name that not only represents your company but is also easy to remember. For example if your company was called “Prakrama Tea Estate” an ideal domain name would be You have to keep in mind that the shorter domain name the easier it is to remember.

There are so many different domain extensions but which is best for you? That depends on what you are doing with your website.

If you are selling products in the Sri Lanka, then .lk be perfect as it is recognized as the Sri Lankan extension. If you are selling internationally a .com would be more suitable as it is the internationally recognized domain for commerce.

Now, if you’re looking to set up a personal site or a professional portfolio to showcase your skills and experience, then visit Lakpura Solutions (Pvt) Ltd is a reputed agent of the LK domain registry. We have proudly stated that we have sold over 500 .lk domains and our clients are very happy with our services.

You now know the basics of domains and how to register a domain name, so start now. Search for your dream domain and grab it before anyone else! Call us or register online with Lakpura Solutions (Pvt) Ltd, by making your payment online which is easy and faster without any waiting and wasting time.