Kothduwa Temple

Kothduwa Kothduwa Kothduwa

Kothduwa Buddhist Temple is one of most popular destination in Madu Ganga river safari.

Buddhism is the main religion that is followed by most of the Sri Lankan people. Lord Buddhua is the founder of Nibbana and he spread what he found through the Budhism teaching.

There are thousands of temple that spreads the Budhism teaching in the Sri Lanka. Kothduwa Temple or Kothduwa Raja Maha Viharaya is one them located in Kothduwa Island in Madu Ganga.

If you are interested in more information you can read this article.we   provides you boat trips that take you to this Island and you can feel the peace gathered around the temple.

Kothduwa Kothduwa Kothduwa

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