Kenilworth Estate

Kenilworth Estate Kenilworth Estate Kenilworth Estate


Long attractive leaves, exquisite flavor and subtle body. Excellent afternoon tea.

Ceylon, or its contemporary name, Sri Lanka, is a beautiful tropical island that lies just off the southern tip of India. Situated in Ginigathena in the western hills of Sri Lanka, is the renowned Kenilworth tea Estate. This 700 acre estate sits at an elevation of 3000 to 4000 feet, bordering the Dimbulla and Kandy districts.

Ceylon teas from the Kenilworth Estate enjoy the seasonal monsoons which encourage the growth of the teas in the districts of Dimbula, Uva and Kandy. Select tender leaves picked after the first monsoon and processed during cooler weather, result in a creamy character unique to this estate. With long attractive leaves our Kenilworth Ceylon Orange Pekoe has the smoothness of a great Ceylon tea with the intriguing creamy top notes this tea is known for.

Kenilworth Estate Kenilworth Estate Kenilworth Estate

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