Yala National Park - Katagamuwa Entrance

Yala National Park - Katagamuwa Entrance is a National park located in Sri Lanka. It is one of the 100 National parks in Sri Lanka.

Entry from the Katagamuwa side has two advantages. Firstly, This area still remains outstanding for leopard sightings and the much shorter access time and distance is a terrific advantage. Some of the much complained about heavy traffic from the Palatupana side has petered out somewhat by the time one reaches Talgasmankada and this also helps as one does not feel that you are in a race with other safari vehicles to get to the best area. The second big advantage is in the evenings. As the Katagamuwa entrance is closer to Talgasmankada and Meda Para, one can leave much later improving the chances of a leopard sighting.

  • Forest Department Office: Katagamuwa (Corporate office) Situlpawwa Road, Kataragama, Sri Lanka
  • Katagamuwa Address: Kataragama - Situlpawwa Road, Sri Lanka
  • Contact: +94 778 100 800 (Lakpura)
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