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Dawatagaha Mosque

Dawatagaha Mosque in Lipton Circus, Colombo, has become a byword in every Muslim home and no Muslim passes the shrine of the saint without paying his respects.

Red Mosque

Red Mosque. Constructed in 1908, the Red Mosque is a historical landmark and recognized as one of the oldest mosques in Colombo.

Ketchimalai Mosque

High on a rock in Beruwala, tall, white and towering, surrounded by coconut fronds, stands Ketchimalai mosque. The ancient historic site has been a place of reflection and prayer for centuries, calling unto it every year, scores of pilgrims from all over the island.

Colombo Grand Mosque

Grand Mosque of Colombo. The Grand Mosque of Colombo is a Mosque located in Colombo, Sri Lanka. the structure has existed since the time of ancient…

Fort Meeran Mosque

Fort Meeran Mosque. The Meeran Mosque in Galle Fort is beautiful on the inside with stained glass and lovely tiles on the floors.

Islamic Sites Islamic Sites Islamic Sites
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