Indian Shot ෴ බුත්සරණ

Canna indica, commonly known as Indian shot, Sierra Leone arrowroot, is a plant species in the family Cannaceae. It is native to much of South America, Central America, the West Indies, and Mexico. It is also naturalized in the southeastern United States (Florida, Texas, Louisiana, and South Carolina), and much of Europe, sub-Saharan Africa, Southeast Asia, and Oceania. Canna indica has been a minor food crop cultivated by indigenous peoples of the Americas for thousands of years.

  • Common Name In Sri Lanka: Indian Shot (බුත්සරණ)
  • Scientific Name: Canna indica
  • Habitat: Original habitat is obscure, but it is found by the coast and in temperate valleys of the Andes.
  • Average Height: Up to 1.5 m

Indian Shot is part of the catalog of ayurvedic medicinal plants of Sri Lanka.

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