Hiriwadunna Sri Bodhiraja Forest Hermitage

Hiriwadunna Viharaya (Hiriwadunna Sri Bodhiraja Forest Hermitage) is buddhist temple situated in Hiriwadunna village in Anuradhapura District only 2 km away from Habarana city. Several ruins of ancient structures are found scattered in the temple premises. The ancient Hiriwadunna Lake built by King Wasaba is located near the temple site.

This site became popular in few years ago when a local priest published a conspiracy theory book called ‘Apa Upan Me Helabima Budun Upan Jambudweepayai’ arguing that the Buddha was born and lived in ancient Sri Lanka. A large slab of stone, probably a Asanagara ( symbolic seat of Buddha) lies at the bottom of the ancient bo tree now partially buried under the roots of the tree has been identified as the Vajrasanaya where Buddha sat during enlightenment. Regardless of the validity of these ideas in this book, which has been rejected by many and even banned from libraries, Hirivadunna is a historical place must see for those interested in Sri Lanka history and Buddhist heritage.

Reach Hiriwadunna Viharaya

Hiriwadunna Viharaya can be easily visited from Colombo through DivulapitiyaGiriulla – Narammala – Kurunegala. There after 4 hour ride you can find easily Hiriwadunna Viharaya.

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