Finger Millet (Kurakkan) ෴ කුරක්කන්

Gluten-free, Kurakkan cereal contains fiber and is a source of calcium and iron. Excellent for babies, children, seniors, nursing mothers, vegans, vegetarians, and vegans.

Kurakkan is a variety of Sri Lankan wild millet whose richness makes it a unique product. Nowadays, junk food is popular the world over and the situation is the same in Sri Lanka too. Most of the foods are based on milled wheat flour which is less nutritious.

Due to this the risk of diabetes, obesity and other health defects have increased.

When we compared wheat flour and rice flour, the glycemic index of wheat flour is comparatively higher than rice flour where it raises the blood glucose level quickly. Also, when compared to rice flour, wheat flour is low in dietary fiber.

Due to these reasons, we thought it beneficial to substitute wheat flour It is very environmentally friendly as it enriches the earth and draws carbon pollution. Kurakkan contributes to the rapid sequestration of carbon, while it enriches the soil with nitrogen.

Finger Millet Finger Millet Finger Millet
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