Butterflies in Sri Lanka

Butterflies are a fascinating species with their beautiful colors and their interesting life cycle. It is said that there are millions and billions of insect species and the ones that we know of are but a drop in the ocean. The tens of thousands of species of Butterflies indeed seem to prove this true. Watching and discovering the secrets of these simple insects is a very complex mission.

Though very similar to bird watching, unlike birds, Butterflies do not have any obvious visual or auditory clues, such as calls or tail wagging, for their locations, species or actions. It is entirely up to the expertise of the watcher to find and identify a species. Butterflies of different species can be so similar in color and pattern as to confound even the greatest experts. Hence it can be very gratifying to identify and classify a butterfly correctly. It is indeed a fine day, when a dedicated butterfly watcher finds a unique cocoon, just starting to break open as the newborn butterfly stretches its wings for its very first flight. Sri Lanka is a tropical paradise, that has proven to be a haven for varied species of Butterflies throughout the ages. Texts from the 1800s and 1900s by well known British personages show that Sri Lanka was the place to visit for butterfly researchers from all over the world. Today Sri Lanka is home to over 245 known species of Butterflies, 23 of which are endemic. Of these species, 76 are listed as threatened nationally and the Ceylon Rose, a butterfly endemic to the island, is on the global list of critically endangered species.

Sri Lankan Endemic Butterflies

Most of the species of Butterflies present in Sri Lanka, call the foothills (up to 3000 feet / 910m), especially places such as the Sinharaja Forest Reserve, home. However, there are some that stay exclusively in the higher mountain ranges (above 4000 feet) or in the lower dry zones such as the Yala National park. The two monsoon seasons, between March to April and September to October, sees a marked increase in the numbers of Butterflies.

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