Sri Lanka Air Force Museum

Sri Lanka Air Force Museum Sri Lanka Air Force Museum Sri Lanka Air Force Museum

Sri Lanka Air Force Museum is Sri Lanka’s only national museum dedicated to the field of aviation as well as the history of the Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF). Situated off Galle Road, Ratmalana, 13Km away from Colombo this is truly an Aviation Museum where the legend of the past lives on.

Being a custodian of the invaluable historical artifacts, it was modernized and new exhibits and facilities have been added to the Sri Lanka Air Force Museum to make it a very modern museum with up to date facilities.

A visit to this establishment will definitely be a unique experience for aviation enthusiasts of all ages. The museum offers a unique insight not only into the history of the SLAF but also a comprehensive picture of aviation in general including the basics of aviation technology.

Starting from the Royal Air Force (RAF) operations during World War II up to the combat operations of the SLAF in the recent past, the museum offers a detailed depiction of the evolution which has shaped the SLAF into a highly successful fighting force as it is today.

Sri Lanka Air Force Museum Highlights

Aviation Research Reference Library

This is a new addition under the continuous modernizing efforts. The Museum has established a comprehensive Aviation Research Reference Library, which will provide an opportunity for aviation enthusiasts or any other person who wishes to research on the field of aviation in the world as well as in Sri Lanka to refer to the plethora of invaluable documents available for reference at the Library to carry out their studies and satisfy their curiosity.

Main Hangar

The main hangar situated near the entrance has a collection of vintage aircraft used by the SLAF since its inception. Some of these flying legends have been fully restored to flying condition by a dedicated team of engineers and technicians. The De Havilland Tiger Moth and the Chipmunk TMK.10 are two of the many exhibits. Also included in the collection are two light aircraft manufactured by SLAF engineers.

Flight Entertainment in a Mini Theater

The mini theatre is designed to feel the aircraft cabin environment equipped with DTS surround sound system and digitally mastered video display on a frontal multimedia screen to get the real sensation. A broad knowledge could be obtained within a short time on reflection of the past achievements of SLAF even under many difficulties.

Vehicle Hangar

Different types of vehicles used by Sri Lanka Air Force since the days of Royal Air Force are displayed in this hangar. Scammel Pioneer Recovery vehicle is one of the serviceable vehicles which was used in 1956 by the Royal Ceylon Air Force. The car used by the former Commander Air Chief Marshal Harry Goonetileke and the bulletproof car used by the former President His Excellency R. Premadasa is two such exhibits that have special historic importance.

Opening Hours / Inquiries

The museum is open to the public on all days other than Sundays, Mondays, and Public Holidays from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM. For more information, visit, or call +94 2625615. Special tour guide/reservations can also be arranged.

Outdoor Exhibits

A number of aircraft, vehicles, and equipment are positioned on a professionally landscaped area preserving the greenery adjacent to the hangar complex. The LTTE aircraft shot down by the SLAF, several wreckages of vehicles, and a 130mm howitzer which was destroyed by SLAF pilots are also displayed. They are a testimony to the dedication and surgical precision of the Sri Lanka Air Force.


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Sri Lanka Air Force Museum Sri Lanka Air Force Museum Sri Lanka Air Force Museum

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