• In Sri Lanka Ayurveda medicine is based on the country’s centuries old treasure trove of indigenous knowledge base, natural environment and cultural repertory. According to archeological evidence, human civilisation dates back 30,000 years.

  • It’s the time of the year to think of a new resolution so why not learn the art of Sri-Lankan cooking! It may seem like a daunting task but it’s all about knowing your basics, so let’s start with Spices!

  • Sri Lanka has a long history that supports sustainable fashion. With its award-winning fashion manufacturing industry, that pioneered green factories and campaigned under ‘Garments without guilt’ free of child
    labour and adverse working conditions..

  • Welcome to Sri Lanka's inspirational global experience in online grocery retailing. Be a part of this experience, redefining convenience and freshness

  • Powerful ingredients, feel good textures and effective formulas. Our skincare range features cleansers, toners, moisturizers, serums and eye creams for all skin types.

  • Ceylon Tea is a popular type of black tea that is also known as Sri Lankan tea. Served as an iced tea or warm, it is a favorite beverage for many Tea drinkers.

  • There is so much to choose from! Choose from wildlife Safari, city tours, cultural discoveries, and thrilling adventures, as you plan your perfect day excursions in Sri Lanka.

  • Find the perfect itinerary for your visit to Sri Lanka to ensure you enjoy the best experience possible as per your interests and time on-hand

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