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Tipson Digestive Support (20) Tea Bages

Tipson Digestive Support (20) Tea Bages

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(SKU: LS4040B91F) A light and energetic beverage brimming with natural anti-inflammatory ingredients to soothe your digestive system. A perfect after meal drink to be taken straight and warm, to help you relieve of any digestive discomforts while giving your body a natural boost. Let your body revive naturally with every delicious sip.

♦ All Natural Ingredients: The perfect herbal infusion to aid digestion and bloating, Tipson's Digestive Support brings together the power of natural peppermint, coriander seed, fennel seed, ginger, liquorice, and cardamon to soothe and relieve your stomach.
♦ Caffeine-free herbal infusion: Tipson's Digestive Support is Caffeine free, Gluten free, Vegan and Kosher. No artifical flavours or sweetners have been used. Our herbal infusions are presented to you enveloped for freshness. The tea bags are made of bleach-free wood pulp free of staples. We ensure our teas are as pure and delicious as can be for your enjoyment.
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