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SLADC Desadun (Ratha) Kalkaya (10g)

SLADC Desadun (Ratha) Kalkaya (10g)

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(SKU: LS40006150) Desandun Kalkaya (also known as Ratha Kalkaya, Rathakalka), a product made by Sri Lanka Ayurvedic Drugs Corporation (SLADC) and many other organzations in Sri Lanka.In Sri Lanka the indigenous system of medicine has been practiced successfully since several centuries. The test drug undertaken for this study is a popular compound of Sri Lankan indigenous medicine prescribed routinely for infants by traditional physicians.

It is found in Watikaprakaranaya a compilation of indigenous medicine in Sri Lankan in the name of Desadunkalka. Another indigenous medical text called Vaidyaka Tatvadarshana also carries reference of the same drug by the name of Dvichandna kalka. It has been included in Ayurvedic Pharmacopeia published by the government of Sri Lanka in the recent past known as Desadunkalka or Rathakalka.

The name Desadum kalka or Dvichandna kalka implies the presence of two kinds of chandana (sandal) viz. Swetha chandna (sandalwood) and raktha chandana (red sandalwood) in the ingredients. According to the indigenous medical texts, this particular drug has been used for two main purposes, one to use it as a preventive medicament to protect infants from rakthaja roga, diseases caused by vitiated blood and the other to use it as a curative measure for fever, inflammation, respiratory diseases and some skin disease conditions. Rakthja roga also have been named as Rathagaaya in indigenous medical system in Sri Lanka. This very drug have been known as “Rathakalka” as it is used for Rathagaaya.

The ingredients of Rathakalka are:

  • 1. Dolichos biflorus – Kollu (S), Horse gram (E)
  • 2. Glycyrrhiza glabra – Welmee (S), Licorice (E)
  • 3. Acorus calamus – Wadakaha (S), Calamus (E)
  • 4. Pterocarpus santalinus – Rathandun (S), Red sandalwood (E)
  • 5. Santalum album – Suduhandun (S), Sandalwood (E)
  • 6. Rock salt – Sahind lunu (S)
  • (S – Sinhala, E – English)

    Fine powder of all above herbal ingredients in equal parts and rock salt five parts are taken. After mixing, these are ground with lime (Citrus medica) juice to make it into form of kalka (paste).

    Although this recipe Rathakalka has been used in Sri Lankan traditional medicine for many centuries, claims regarding its properties were mainly anecdotal and had not been subjected to any type of scientific confirmation. This is not only the first controlled study carried out with Rathakalka, but also pioneering study in Sri Lanka, of indigenous recipe used in traditional medicine for treatment of various disease conditions in infants and young children.

    More reading: Scientific studies of a popular Sri Lankan indigenous therapeutic agent “Rathakalka” used in paediatric practice by A P G Amarasinghe

    Dosage: 125 ~ 250mg to be taken with Decoction of Lunuvila or Corriander. Consult your physician before use.

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