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Link Samahan (4g x 100 Sachets)

Link Samahan (4g x 100 Sachets)

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(SKU: LS41301260) Samahan is a concentrated, water-soluble herbal preparation of selected medical herbs used over centuries in health care. Samahan is a combination of 14 herbs. Samahan is most effective for analgesic, antipyretic, expectorant, and anti-inflammatory thus accounting for immediate relief.

Usage: To prevent cold and catarrh related symptoms, use one sachet of Link Samahan a day with hot milk, tea, coffee, hot water or your preferred hot beverage. At the first sign of cold or catarrh symptoms, for adults take 1-2 sachets of Link Samahan 2-3 times a day. For Children from 3-5 years, half a sachet may be given with a preferred beverage.

Link Samahan taken daily is clinically proven to prevent the incidence of the following 15 symptoms of cold and catarrh.

Relif for: Excessive sneezing, Nasal congestion, Watery nasal discharge, Scratchy throat, Hoarseness of voice, Cough, Throat pain, Feverishness, Headache, Itchy eyes and tearing, Itchy ears and blocked ears, Tiredness, Body pains, Loss of appetite, Difficulties in day-to-day work

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