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Lifetone Insulin Tea (30g)

Lifetone Insulin Tea (30g)

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(SKU: LS90005D54) Specializing in herbal health beverages, Lifetone was founded to provide a number of healthier alternatives to refresh your lifestyle. Ingredients of the Lifetone insulin tea include the dried insulin leaf made into tiny granules. Lifetone always uses therapeutic tropical trees and plants to produce high quality herbal teas. The Insulin Leaf is known for its anti diabetic properties, a detox agent to cleanse your body, a beverage to help you digest all your food, and also an immunity booster for a better lifestyle.

There are many nutrients belonging to this Lifetone Insulin tea including carbohydrates, fat and protein while minerals and vitamins include calcium, copper, iron, chromium, manganese, zinc and Potassium as well as Vitamin B. Just like a normal cup of tea, you can boil water; infuse the tea bag inside of it till it’s ready to drink.

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