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Lakpura Fresh Yaki Naran (Atalantia Ceylanica) 100 Leaves

Lakpura Fresh Yaki Naran (Atalantia Ceylanica) 100 Leaves

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(SKU: LKZ0074813) The leaves of the Yakinaran plant are used to treat ailments such as arthritis, edema, skin diseases, arthritis, snake venom, and other ailments (such as paralysis of the face). Inhalation of boiled steam of Yakinaran leaves brings relief to the antidote. This leaf is good for anti-inflammatory mucus as well as for controlling blood fats. Yakinaran leaves are applied to the face as a remedy for gout. Applying the oil obtained from the fruits for swelling of the joints, paralysis, arthritis, etc. Washing the yakinaran leaves with boiled ghee is a remedy for itchy skin diseases.

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