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Lakpura Kothala Himbutu (100g)

Lakpura Kothala Himbutu (100g)

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(SKU: LS4000CAE2) Kothala himbutu is an indigenous Sri Lankan medicinal plant, but also grown in some parts of Southern India.

The compounds contained in the parts of the kothala himbutu tree can control the process of the enzyme which helps to produce food into sugar and added that Kothala himbutu can be used as a tea to control sugar levels in the body.

According to ayurvedic system of medicine, mostly the roots of the Kothala himbutu tree are used in preparation of medicines. The plant is also used to heal digestion, hepatitis, skin ailments and diabetes. Kothala Himbutu is also known to reduce sugar in the gut and is ideal for those who want to get slimmer, want to reduce weight.

Kothala Himbutu is used by traditional physicians or Ayurvedic doctors to treat diabetes.

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