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Lakpura Dehydrated Rampe / Pandan Leaves Powder (100g)

Lakpura Dehydrated Rampe / Pandan Leaves Powder (100g)

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(SKU: LS500A29EE) Fresh pandan (rampe) leaves will give your special taste and frangrance, every time.

♦ Rampe Pandanus amaryllifolius is a popular ingredient in many Sri Lankan, Thai and other South Asian dishes.
♦ It is used widely in Southeast Asian cooking as a flavoring.
♦ The characteristic aroma of pandan is caused by the aroma compound 2-acetyl-1-pyrroline, which may give white bread, jasmine rice and basmati rice their typical smell.
♦ The plant is rare in the wild but is widely cultivated.

Health Benefits

♦ Relieves headache & arthritis
♦ Treat muscle pain
♦ Eases chest pain
♦ Reduces fever
♦ Lower high blood pressure
♦ Strengthen the immune system
♦ Maintain cholesterol level
♦ Eliminate dandruff
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