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Lakpura Cinnamon Toothpicks (40 nos)

Lakpura Cinnamon Toothpicks (40 nos)

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(SKU: LS57B22170) Though a toothpick, it is far ahead of the normal Toothpick. For, it’s a Cinnamon Toothpick. With its scientifically proven, abundance of medicinal properties, Cinnamon indeed gives you so much more benefits, than you would ever imagine. The normal toothpick is useful only after a meal, for a while. Beyond that, it is useless. But “Lakpura” Cinnamon Toothpick is totally different, as it offers you a whole lot more amazing benefits. One of natures’ oldest & most flavour-filled spices known to humanity is Cinnamon. And, Cinnamon is full of medicinal properties. The world’s best Cinnamon - Cinnamomum Zeylanicum or Ceylon Cinnamon - a native plant of Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon) grows along the western coastal strip near Colombo. “Lakpura Cinnamon Toothpicks” are made from these world renowned Ceylon Cinnamon.

Extra benefits

  • Effective against tooth decay.
  • Promotes healthy gums and fresh breath.
  • Inexpensive alternate to Breath-mints and Chewing Gums.
  • Effective substitute for tobacco smokers – promotes pleasant breath.
  • Chewing Cinnamon may boost brain activity!
  • Consuming little Cinnamon each day may reduce blood sugar & cholesterol.
  • Excellent antiseptic properties.
  • Germany’s Commission E approves Cinnamon for appetite loss & indigestion.

For Best use

  • Chew the ‘Lakpura’ Cinnamon toothpick and taste it.
  • Each & every time you chew a “Lakpura” Cinnamon Toothpick, you are enjoying so many health benefits, apart from an instant pleasant taste and aroma.
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