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Lakpura Chili Flakes (500g)

Lakpura Chili Flakes (500g)

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(SKU: LS17115080) Chili flakes, red pepper flakes, and crushed red pepper flakes all refer to the same type of product: a condiment/spice that is made up of dried and crushed whole peppers (seeds and all).

Herbs and spices are magical for turning a dish from just okay to ‘oh yay!’ and these homemade chili flakes (aka chile flakes) are no different. Sprinkled over, or mixed into meals, these red chili flakes pack a fiery heat and add tons of flavor to a dish.

Red pepper flakes can often be made up of a combination of different peppers. Meanwhile, chili flakes are usually a single type of pepper. They are most often made with cayenne peppers, though they can use various chilis, such as Anaheim, jalapeno, etc. – usually within the 30k-50k Scoville range.

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