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Basilur Tea Winter Book V (100g)

Basilur Tea Winter Book V (100g)

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(SKU: LS90001386) 100% Ceylon loose leaf black tea flavored with goji berries, safflower, vanilla, lemon, orange and almonds.

Basilur is an expression of the art of tea tasting. Each range of Basilur depicts its own history linked to this rich heritage of Sri Lanka. Each product is a unique tea tasting experience that transports each enthusiast to another place and time. Basilur tea accompanies you on a long day of tea, with innovative blends and precise packaging in an effort to keep a 5000-year-old tradition intact. This “Tea Book” is a gift from the Basilur tea family for discerning connoisseurs.

100g of ample tea leaves contained in zippered pouches, and then beautifully bundled in a Basilur-designed pewter fabricated metal.

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