Web Site Promotion

Web Site Promotion Web Site Promotion Web Site Promotion

We offer a complete range of web site promotion service. Our web site promotion services include link exchanges or link building and maintenance of links, building affiliated program solutions, search engine optimization and online advertising using other media such as Pay-Per-Click or Pay-Per-View.

Link exchange or link Building specialist

Web Design Sri Lanka specialized in getting high quality incoming links or reciprocal links to your web site. More links you have towards your website the better it is.

Affiliated Program Solutions

We can also assist you in building the perfect affiliate program that would bring in more site visitors and revenue.

Search Engine Optimizing

Web Site Optimization – other terms are web page optimization, search engine optimization, SEO and web site position are the most common words used around the world.

Search engine optimization is everything that can be done to make a search engine send more traffic to a web site. Usually this means defining keywords or key phrases and trying to have your web site listed first (or at least within the top 30) for those key terms.

Can people that are searching for your products or services find you the same way? You don’t just need a Web Site Designer, you also need someone who knows how to get your site traffic. Some of the best, and most relevant, traffic comes from what is known as “Search Engine Optimization”.

We at Web Design Sri Lanka have specialist personnel in SEO and expert Internet marketing consultants. You’ll find that there are A LOT of web design firms out there who will be happy to take your money to build a web site, but how many of those firms know how to get your web site any traffic?…. EXTREMELY A VERY FEW! we are one of those few.

Why Do I Need Search Engine Optimizing:

To be competitive online, your web site needs to be search engine friendly. Search engine optimization is a function of Internet marketing and is the most cost-effective means of marketing to your target audience. With an estimated 84 percent of web users turning to the search engines to find information online, it is important that your site rank within the top 30 results if you want to be found. A successful search engine optimization campaign will not only boost your rankings in the search engines, it will bring qualified customers and prospects to your web site who are already on the web searching for your products and services

Our team of Internet Marketing Specialist, concentrating on Search Engine Optimization – SEO. Some people call this field Search Engine Positioning, or Search Engine Placement also. What ever you call it, understand that working with someone experienced in this field is crucial to getting traffic to your website.

In simple terms, when someone is seeking your products or services, it is essential that your site get found in places like Google, MSN and Yahoo.

We follow the guidelines of search engine optimization as outlined in Google’s information page for webmasters. We don’t use tricks, just hard honest work. Our qualified e-marketers are well experienced and skilled with basic internet marketing techniques to complex web site promotional methods. So let us say just once more

Online Advertising

We can further assist you in organizing and acquiring the best out of online advertising. We will aid you with Pay Per Click and Pay Per View adverts, banner advertising campaigns, link advertising campaigns and email adverts, etc.

Web Site Promotion Web Site Promotion Web Site Promotion

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