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We, Web Design Sri Lanka of Lakpura Solutions (Pvt.) Ltd., Moratuwa design and develop Web Portals. Web portals are varied: Hotel booking portal; Tours, travel and holidays portal; Shopping portal; Social Networking portal; Dating portal and Real Estate Portal are some of the leading applications. Portals for news, e-learning, communication, on-line jobs, on-line auction, e-tender too have recorded a fair share of the field. Portals have been becoming more and more essential with each passing day.

The term portal system, now used mainly in IT sector, has an interesting origin with it being associated with the field of medical science and anatomy: portal represents the important system within the human body that effectively brings blood from the many capillaries connecting to the digestive system to the many fine blood vessels inside the liver.

The notion encompassing blood, capillaries, blood vessels and liver says it all: portal systems are essential to the life on World Wide Web. The range of web portal systems existing today is bound to expand in the time ahead. With the stupendous mass of websites that exists today and accumulates tomorrow, it has become important for the clients/potential clients/readers/internet users to move/shift/navigate from one website to the other that runs on the same interests, activities, inclinations and affiliations. The stage that allows this requirement is the web portal system.

Web Portal development and support by Web Design Sri Lanka of Enterprise Systems services are:

Web Portals: Search Engines Portals

The most common and most utilised web portals are Search Engine Portals: Google; Bing; AOL and Yahoo, the Titans of the World Wide Web. These Search Engine Portals are enriched with the capacity to provide personalised information, once the browsing history and profile information of the internet user is picked up by them. And that is done with comparative ease.

Web Portals: corporate web portal

Substitute corporate information in place of World Wide Web and replace internet user with employees/clients/ suppliers/vendors/ government authorities and there goes the corporate web portal.

Web Portals: corporate web portal

  • New portal architecture
  • End-to-end portal implementation services including web hosting
  • Portal internationalisation
  • Portal platform upgrade and migration whenever necessary
  • Portal administration, maintenance and support services

Substitute corporate information in place of World Wide Web and replace internet user with employees/clients/ suppliers/vendors/ government authorities and there goes the corporate web portal.

A corporate Web portal serves as a gateway to the database in its entirety. The management, the employees, the departments of the business entity, the project teams, the work groups are given access to all the information that would be required for their purposes. A corporate Web Portal is the central storehouse of all information related to the business entity.

A corporate web portal allows the business entity to customise and personalise the portal environment in such a way that each type of user will be presented with the information he would be in need of. This arrangement to zero-in on the required information without being burdened by the information overload, without being troubled by the excessive site navigation, simplify the search and make the life easier for each type of user.

  • Employees may log into the corporate web portal system in order to search and locate information on sales, purchases, stocks, clients, vendors and competitors.
  • Clients may log in order to comb out specifications on products, retail prices and selling points.
  • Suppliers and vendors would log into the portal in search of information on every scrap of data would be of assistance to gear up their services.
  • Government authorities such as Inland Revenue Department would love to poke in searching for still more information such as budgets, new projects and forecasts in addition to the yearly Balance Sheets and Loss & Profit statement and Income Tax declarations on the business entity and the executives.

Web Portals: On-line stores/shops

An on-line trading web portal permits the clients to log into the on-line shop, search and locate the products for sale and pay by credit card. The web portal keeps records of your search, selections, purchases, credit card information and helps the client so that subsequent visits too are personalised.

The finest examples are Amazon .com, ebay.com and buyandsell.lk

Main features for trading incorporated into an On-line stores/shops

  1. The buyers are provided with a user-friendly method in purchasing products on sale.
  2. The buyers are supported with immediate payment processing with Paypal, or major Credit Card with recurring billing solution.
  3. The sellers are supported with easy access to upload text, images, videos and catalogues of their products for sale.

Web Portals: Travel Portal

In addition to the conventional mode of business, Travel Agents and Tour Operators, have now taken up the business of holidays and hotels into the World Wide Web by means of Travel Portals. The travel trade and the hospitality business operators of all levels, i.e. large, medium and small have now set up shop in the web to serve the ever-increasing web-borne market segment of their trade.

The Travel Portal is one stop shop for the travel related requirements of the client/passenger/tourist/holidaymakers/travelling businessmen. The access to the relevant websites is made by way of integration of API (application programming interface). API is a particular set of rules (‘code’) and specifications that software programs can follow to communicate with each other.

Domestic and International Ticket Booking is achieved by means of connecting to GDS (Global Distribution System) of air transportation. Likewise Hotel Bookings, Car Bookings, Holiday Bookings etc. are accessed by connecting each operator or hotelier’s website by means of API. Main features for trading incorporated into a Travel Portal.

  1. on-line ticket booking facility for air passage, sea-passage, railways and roadways: air tickets; train bookings; bus bookings; rent a car
  2. on-line bookings on sea-passage: cruise holidays
  3. on-line bookings on hotel and resort accommodations: hotel bookings
  4. on-line bookings on touring holidays: holiday packages
  5. on-line purchase of related services: travel insurance packages etc.
  6. Payment Processing with Paypal

Web Portals: Real estate Portal

Real estate Portal is a dynamic on-line web application that provides a platform for the property brokers, Real Estate Agents, buyers, solicitors and renters. The Users are provided with the provision to add their properties for sale and rent.
Main features for trading incorporated into a real estate portal

  1. listing properties for sale or rent
  2. Search/ Add/ Edit the properties
  3. Showing the property location on the Microsoft Map point in detail page
  4. Sort by any criteria on the result page; Display featured property on the front page; Payment Processing with Paypal, or major Credit Card with recurring billing solution; User Friendly Reports & Charts.

Web Portal Development Web Portal Development Web Portal Development

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