Vap Magula ෴ වප් මඟුල

Traditional customs are passed down from generation to generation. Such activities later became the culture of the country. Vap Magula is a similar process that has been going on for years. Rice is the staple diet of Sri Lankans. If you travel around the countryside anytime of the year you may come across paddy farmers who work in paddy fields and you will see beautiful sights of lush green paddy fields everywhere.

"See sama" is the process of preparing the land before paddy cultivation using a Nagula (plough) and oxen. During the reign of kings, See Sama was traditionally celebrated at a festival called 'Vapmagula'. In the traditional Sri Lankan society, people considered the auspicious time as the most important point of time to start work. Once work is started at an auspicious time, people concentrate their energy on finishing the work. This vital factor is furnished by the Vap Magula ceremony.

Vap Magula Day

On the morning of Vap Magula day milk rice, oil cakes and other traditional food and beverages are prepared to be served to all who come to the festival. Before the auspicious time, all the farmers gather near the paddy field with their families. The village leader or otherwise the honorable person will conduct the religious activities for the auspicious time. As soon as the completing all the religious activities, the plowmen are offered milk rice and oil cakes. The leader will go down to the field and drive the first two water buffalo units, which will be used for the best plow in the village. After digging, paddy seeds are sown or planted in the ground.

Paddy is harvested when they turn light gold in color. Farmers would harvest their crop together while singing ‘Goyam Kavi’. The harvest is temporarily stored in the Kamatha (threshing floor) before it is taken home.

These practices still take place throughout the country. For instance, this festival is celebtared every year by government with a ceromonial events.

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