Transport Chauffeurs Code

Transport Chauffeurs Code Transport Chauffeurs Code Transport Chauffeurs Code

Lakpura Chauffers adhere to 3 basic but important rules;

(a) Punctuality
(b) Courteousness
(c) Context Awareness

First and foremost, our chauffeurs are punctual. Secondly our Rent A Car chauffeurs are courteous. Thirdly, their knowledge of the road network and the tourist destinations of Sri Lanka and their wealth of experience of the trade have always made them stand out from our competitors in the field of tourism.

We at Lakpura regularly update our chauffeurs on the latest information relevant to tourism. Our chauffeur's code of ethics hold the safety, comfort, convenience and security of clients paramount, about all else.

Safety of the passengers

A Chauffeur is responsible...
(a) to ensure the vehicle was tested with regular checks at the garage and given OK report by the mechanics
(b) for twice daily verifying the general condition of the vehicle on the tour: in the beginning of the day and at the end of the day's travelling
(c) to ensure the passengers are secured with the seat belts while being driven
(d) to make sure that the given itinerary doesn't compel excessive driving hours

A Chauffeur must...
(a) refrain from using mobile phone while driving
(b) pay strict attention to the welfare of passengers at all times.

Comfort of the passengers

Chauffeur must...
(a) adhere to the speed limits at all times
(b) refrain from alcohol and smoking during the driving hours

Convenience of passengers

Chauffeur will... (a) have his official mobile phone on at all times
(b) have bottles of mineral water in the vehicle at all times
(c) make rest stops whenever needed
(d) be alert on the mobile wherever passengers aren't in the vicinity
(e) be open-minded to discuss timings, revisions of timings and additional excursion wherever required and make suggestions
(f) extend a helping hand, suggest solutions on minor matters in the backdrop of his local knowledge

Security of passenger

Chauffeur is expected to...
(a) keep the vehicle doors and shutters closed and locked wherever it is left unoccupied
(b) remind the passengers to pack their suitcases themselves and keep supervised at all times after packing
(c) assist the passengers to ensure the security of their belongings

Transport Chauffeurs Code Transport Chauffeurs Code Transport Chauffeurs Code

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