Thirikkale Thirikkale Thirikkale

Thirikkale is a carriage drawn by a bull and was a popular means of transport in ancient times.

The meaning of the word Thirikkale actually means chariot with three wheels and was first used only for covered palanquins (dolawas) with shoulder pole and three small wheels and only for nobles. The Res Thirikkale or Racing Thirikkale is used for racing and was a popular sport many years ago but lost popularity over the years.

However, this sport is now enjoying great popularity again, especially at events such as New Year's celebrations. The Thirikkale has also become a popular and fun means of transport for bridal couples.

These quaint carriages are not often seen on the streets these days, especially in urban areas, but you do get them every now and then. Keep an eye out for them and if you can ride one, do so for fun. 

Thirikkale Thirikkale Thirikkale

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