The Black Eagle

The Black Eagle The Black Eagle The Black Eagle

Black Eagle is a large raptor at about 75 - 85 centimeters in length and is a bird of pray. They soar over forests in hilly regions in tropical Asia and hunt for mammals and birds. Black Eagle is a resident breeder in Sri Lanka and India.

Adult Black Eagle's plumage is all black with yellow bill and feet. Black Eagle is known as nest predator and slow flight over the forest canopy. Black Eagle is easily identified by their slow flight and widely spread long primary "Fingers".They hunt mammals and birds, particularly at their nests.

Large and distinctive dark eagle of forested mountains and hills. Adults appear all dark from a distance, but closer inspection reveals pale barring on the primaries, secondaries, and undertail, as well as a bright yellow bill and feet. Readily separated from other large birds of prey in range by structure as well as coloration; Black Eagles have broad wings with distinct “fingers”(emarginated primaries) in the tip, as well as a long tail that is fan-shaped when open and slightly wedge-shaped when closed.

Black eagle hunts usually as pairs by sailing slowly along hills, slightly above the canopy level, scanning tree tops for bird nests and adult birds. It has a marvelous skill in circling in and out of small hollows among the trees.

It feeds mainly on bird eggs, chicks and adult birds such as bulbuls, doves and munias and small mammals.

The nest is a huge masses of sticks set on the crown of tall forest trees usually growing on hill slopes, where it lays usually a single egg. The breeding season appeared to be from December to February.

It is usually a silent bird though utters a loud whistling keeeu sound during the breeding season.

The Black Eagle The Black Eagle The Black Eagle

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