Surambavalliya Mask

Surambavalliya Mask Surambavalliya Mask Surambavalliya Mask

The Surambavalliya Mask has been created in a form different to the masks mentioned above. The upper part of the mask depicts a women holding two lighted torches, and on either side are two other woman holding two lighted torches, and on either side are two other women’s pictures. On the face fixed on the head and near the elbow of the hand a thread has been fixed which can be moved moving thus, the two torches in the hands of the woman can be shown as being moved up. Unlike, when dancers earing masks, dance, in this instance the dancers hands are connected to the ends of the threads, when the dancer dancers the two hands of the female face of the masks, throw the torches upwards, the verses are the follows :-

Taking the torch with both hands – throwing it skywards and catching it

As they dance on this stage – happily watch the Surambavalli

According these masks show special features not found in other low country masks. This is due to the use of threads to move bout the parts of the puppet which are attached to the mask.

Surambavalliya Mask Surambavalliya Mask Surambavalliya Mask

【LK94008377: Surambavalliya Mask. Text by Lakpura™. Images by Google, copyright(s) reserved by original authors.】