Sencha Sencha Sencha

Sencha is a type of Japanese tea which is prepared by infusing the processed whole tea leaves in hot water. This is as opposed to matcha, powdered Japanese green tea, where the green tea powder is mixed with hot water and therefore the leaf itself is included in the beverage. Sencha is the most popular tea in Japan.

The ideal colour of the sencha beverage is a greenish golden colour. Depending upon the temperature of the water in which it is decocted, the flavour will be different, adding to the appeal of sencha. With relatively more temperate water, it is relatively mellow; with hot water, it is more astringent. Some varieties expand when steeped to resemble leaf vegetable greens in smell, appearance, and taste.

A vibrant and fresh Japanese green tea, drinking sencha will enliven the senses and put the cha-cha into your teacup! This high quality loose leaf has many health benefits.

Benifits of Sencha

  • Helps reduce the presence of free radicals in the body.
  • Help individuals with their long-term weight-loss goals.
  • Ideal for those who want to boost their immune system.
  • Help reduce LDL(bad type of cholesterol).
  • When drink regularly can improve the health of their teeth and prevent the development of cavities.

Sencha Sencha Sencha

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