Rambakan Oya Ruins

Ruins of the ancient Rambakan Oya giant rock canal lies close to the new Rambakan Oya Reservoir project in Ampara. The canal has been built with massive interlocking granite slabs which kept the rocks in position even in the worst conditions. A nearby slab inscription (known as Rambakan Oya Slab Inscription) which has been identified as belonging to 12th – 13th centuries identifies that the granite canal was built by Liyana Nayakayan and Kanathkan Vahanse living in the Gal Weta area.

This twin canal system built with massive granite slabs each interlocking with each other has bee restored for about 100 meters above the ground level. Traveling another 800 meters long this road will bring you to the newly completed Rambakan Oya Reservoir completed in July 2013