Rambakan Oya Reservoir

The reservoir is built far away from human habitation, about 17 kms from the Maha Oya town. Under the Rambakan Oya project seven other minor reservoir were also renovated. They are Polwatte wewa, Pollebedde wewa, Niloba wewa, Kiralagas wewa, Dumana wewa, Bendirekka wewa and the Akulobe wewa. Out of these you will pass the Kiralagas wewa, Niloba wewa and Pollebedde wewa on the way to Rambakan Oya reservoir. Pollebedde (Pollebedda) is one of the traditional homelands of indigenous Veddhas of Sri Lanka. You will also pass their village along this road, just before the Pollebedda Wewa.

Just before the reservoir a diversion will take you to the ruins of the ancient twin barrel stone canal built thousands of years ago with the intention of building a reservoir. More archaeological ruins can be found at the bottom of the ramp which leads to the top of the embankment. This area was probably cleared when dam was opened in 2009 but once again covered by jungle and thorny bushes making access extremely difficult.