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Multimedia Websites Multimedia Websites Multimedia Websites

Multimedia refers to an electronically delivered combination of media including video, still images, audio and text in such a way that can be accessed interactively. Enhanced levels of interactivity are made possible by combining multiple forms of media content. Much of the content on the world wide web today falls within the definition of Multimedia. Multimedia has stolen the limelight on the stage of ever expanding multi media world.

The power and popularity of Multimedia on the Internet has been the on the rise since the very beginning of its emergence. The reason behind is the web users tend to view 2-minute video clips or slides of images rather than reading a long paragraph of text describing the services and products. A web user’s viewing time depends entirely on the quality of the website. The presence of high quality multimedia heightens the quality of a website to a great extent. As such a website rich with high quality multimedia that consists of unique and informative content, presented in a style that is visually pleasing is bound to hold the visitors for longer periods of time at the website.

Enhanced levels of interactivity are made possible by combining multiple forms of media content. The ultimate example of multimedia is an interactive game built by means of with AI Artificial Intelligence programming.


A website (Web site) is a collection of related and interconnected web pages containing images, videos or other digital assets inclusive of a web page for index called home page hosted on at least one web server, accessible via Internet (a massive network of networks, a networking infrastructure) through an Internet address known as a URL (Uniform Resource Locator). All publicly accessible Websites constitute the information-sharing model called World Wide Web.

Why Multimedia Website?

Within the ever growing expanses of Internet the influence of multimedia has been on the rise at a tremendous pace: viewing a short video clip appeals greatly to the majority of the users than reading an extensive text narrating the services and products. Since a website usually has only a fleeting moment to grab the attention of the user, to hold the visitor fast onto your website, it needs to be visually pleasing. A multimedia website would serve the purpose.

What is a Multimedia Website?

Multimedia Websites present a diversified multimedia experience: displays the information using animation, sound and video. Offering TV and radio, the modern web has become a broadcasting medium too. Multimedia Websites are visually very attractive, more active and fun. Multimedia presentation, on need to serve basis, is excellent tool for displaying the products and operations of a business entity.

Most of the modern Multimedia Websites are developed with a combination of Text (copy writing), Music, Narration, Sound effects, Images / graphics, Video, Virtual Reality (such as QuickTime VR), 3D, Animation, Programmed interactivity (scripting). In view of these ever expanding fields requiring specialist knowledge and skill, most Multimedia Websites are developed by teams of multimedia developers.

Developing a multi-media website

Multi-media websites are developed by making various multimedia assets. Among the leading multimedia software are Adobe Flash, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Swish Max.

Fash is special. Adobe Flash, by which a whole website can be created from scratch making use of strictly Flash, instead of HTML, is the most extensively utilized multimedia tool in the multi-media website design and development. There is no other multi-media software application that has the capability to build a website as Flash does.

The Flash websites are viewed by means of a browser plug-in called Flash Player. Since Flash player is packaged up in most of the major browsers, the users/visitors encounter no hassle in viewing the Flash websites.

Flash heightens and brightens up the artistic and media dimension of a website by blending the visuals with audio and video channels. Flash brings life to a static or flat HTML site. A captivating Flash homepage draw in the potential clients and have them enjoying the multi-media content that introduces the services and products of your business entity. However, it takes higher web development technology and experience to set up user-friendly navigation and allow for search engine readability. The interactive nature of multimedia has brought in novel dimensions of website design into the 21st century.

Apply caution when deciding upon an ALL FLASH multimedia website Firstly, since an ALL FLASH multimedia website is at a definite disadvantage in the context of SEO Search Engine Optimization, decision upon such a website should be taken only following careful consideration. Secondly, Multimedia Websites takes a longer time to download in comparison with regular dynamic Websites. The clients or users tend to leave the Websites that kills time in downloading. Thirdly, Multimedia Websites cost more to design and develop, maintain and update. Fourthly, it needs to be stressed that a multimedia website requires more space and bandwidth than a regular dynamic website and as such hosting cost would be higher. Since on-line services such as YouTube and Vimeo do serve well for the videos of the Multimedia Websites, embedding the videos in such services would save space and bandwidth of the Multimedia Websites.

However, since these on-line services permit free use of all content, all users are able to make use of the videos of the subscribers in their own Websites.

Flash Multimedia files in Websites

In addition to the capability to build ALL FLASH websites, Flash is able to create small interactive media files (.swf) which can be linked to dynamic web pages or even static web pages. (.swf) compresses images and audio and other media to make file sizes as small as possible.

Is Multi-media website the ideal website for your business entity?

Should you need to showcase multimedia elements of your business, a Multi-media website would suit your purpose. Should your business falls into the category of entertainment. Multi-media website would serve your requirements. Multi-media Websites are widely put into very effective use by the radio stations, TV channels, video game programmers, song writers, musicians, artists, actors, play writers, journalists, script writers, movie directors, movie producers, cameramen etc.

What kind of business needs a Multimedia Website?

The rapid evolution of the world wide web has resulted in bringing about highly effective and sophisticated channel to engage the publicity, advertising and the marketing of millions of products and services. Google, Bing and Yahoo, the largest search engines leading the way, innumerable products and services of business entities of varying resources have been competing on a single platform. Within this context of the level paying field, the superior Websites are bound to draw in business. Multimedia could play a major role grabbing the attention of the visitors and in turn the generation of business, provided navigation capabilities and SEO Search Engine Optimization are taken into the winning formula. Multimedia Websites are mainly utilized in business entities engaged in the business of advertisements, art, education, entertainment, engineering, medicine, mathematics, commerce and scientific research.

Multimedia Websites Multimedia Websites Multimedia Websites

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